Havok & Hijinks - Thank you for a Successful Kickstarter!


Havok & Hijinks™ is a family-friendly, light strategy card game featuring cute, humorous dragons competing for treasure.

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The Havok & Hijinks Kickstarter ran in 2013 from August 08 to September 24 with a goal of $10,000. Thanks to our dedicated and loyal supports, Havok & Hijinks surpassed that goal, reaching just shy of $30,000 and has continued to do well in post-Kickstarter preorders! We are on track for our estimated ship date in May 2014.

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Andrew "Flatline" Grondin
Brendan "Dramavian" Harris
Christopher Eby
David W. Kaufman II
Karin Bakke
Kris "Starseeker" Cox
Michael Salt
Nim Ramsdell
Rhonda Sasse Stewart
Selth Blackwings
Stephen Johnston
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WO Schro
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Havok & Hijinks was recently reviewed on Bower's Game Corner. Please check out the Havok & Hijinks Review.

GameAndACurry.com took some time to preview Havok & Hijinks and really enjoyed it! Please take a moment and head over to read the wonderful (P)review!

Michael from Little Metal Dog was kind enough to write a review of Havok & Hijinks. It came out lovely so please take some time to check it out. Our favorite line: "My favourite thing in the whole game is a worthless Treasure called Helmet? which depicts two of the dragons sporting underwear on their heads. It's that kind of game."

Cardboard Republic has given Havok & Hijinks a "Seal of the Republic" and a very kind review of the game!  "Havok & Hijinks also avoids coming off entirely as a kids-only game, which helps its wider appeal. Many of the card names and depictions, while family-friendly, have a Pixar-like duality to them: there is enough subtle references in this game to a variety of topics that older audiences can appreciate."

All Us Geeks spent a good deal of time with Havok & Hijinks and was kind enough to put together a preview video. Watch as the game is played and hear the reviewers thoughts!

Tiffany from Games Are Evil enjoyed our cute dragons and did a wonderful write up about Havok & Hijinks. "It's a fast game to pick up, quick to play, and features some pretty adorable dragons."

Today in Board Games invested some time with a pre-release copy of Havok & Hijinks and said "Games are relatively short and playfully devious – I was pleasantly surprised. The cute dragon artwork made me think this would be a game geared primarily toward children but with little appeal for adult gamers. " You can check out the complete review on the Today in Board Games website.

Havok & Hijinks has appeared on Dad's Game Addiction. You can check out the great review and a video about the game. "The card mechanics were very simple to understand and on that note, I am pleased to report that this is one card game that I didn't have to spend hours studying."